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Does The Chris Farrell Membership Really Help People Start A Profitable Online Business

Or is It Just
More “Guru” Sales Hype?

Read this important review BEFORE you
decide to buy.

More and more people have been talking about
this membership  so I’ve decided to check it out.

The Chris Farrell Membership is geared toward total newbie to intermediate marketers? I’m not a newbie; I’ve been successfully marketing online for several years now. So why would I join? To be totally honest with you I only joined to see if this membership would be something that was worth promoting to my followers.

I can’t say I had high hopes because I’ve joined so many membership sites over the years only to be disappointed. I only planned to stay two weeks for the $4.95 trial than quit, but ya know what? I realized that this guy is doing something right, something different that the other gurus are not doing.

He quickly built a six-figure a year business and his followers and members actually love him. This is almost unheard of in the Internet marketing industry. From what I’ve experienced, the majority of the people feel taken advantage of by the Internet marketing gurus.

Even though I’m an experienced marketer I know there is a lot to learn from someone like Chris. So I’ve decided to stay with the membership. In fact I’m now changing some of my marketing methods to the way Chris is doing it and I’m already seeing positive results.

Go to The Chris Farrell Membership site

What Will I Learn?

In the membership site you’ll learn the true basics of Internet marketing.  This is where so many people miss the boat.  They are out there buying the “get rich quick” stuff and not getting anywhere. I’m sure you see them all complaining in forums.

Chris doesn’t teach some new, fascinating, “break through marketing secrets” or “black hat technique” that will only work for a little while.  He teaches core fundamentals, basics and some advanced strategies and unlike other marketers it was refreshing to see that he teaches it in a way that you can put all the pieces together so it actually works.  You’ll learn how to build a real business that you can grow from the ground up starting with a solid foundation.

Unlike other marketers, Chris reveals his entire formula.  He is totally transparent about what he does.  I don’t believe he holds anything back.  In fact after you join his membership you can read his private blog where he posted day by day, the exact steps he was taking, as he was taking them, that brought him from zero to $250 per day.

This private blog alone is better than most $97 products that I’ve purchased because it allows you to see what someone really did instead of what they said they did.  Chris has built up a list of 17,000 followers now and he shows you exactly how he did it step by step.

Something else I really like is that the membership is relatively small compared to the big guru membership sites.  When marketing products are geared toward the masses most people fail.  This is because everyone’s background, experiences, knowledge and skill levels are different.  To be successful you need more personal attention.  This is provided in the coaching forum.

Go to The Chris Farrell Membership site

Will I Get Help When I Need It?

If Chris offered nothing else on his membership site except his coaching forum to get your questions answered I feel it would still be worth the price of the membership fee. Chris himself and a Technical expert named Jeff Hope personally answer questions in the forum.

I found this refreshing as I’ve been a member of many sites where the owners just pop in a couple times a month to make announcements.  Chris and Jeff are right there in the trenches providing coaching and answering questions.  This is really important because with Internet marketing you will get stuck and you will have questions.

Most forums are filled with negative people.  I find the forum in the Chris Farrell Membership surprisingly different.  Everyone and I mean everyone in there has a positive attitude and is very friendly and helpful.  I immediately felt warmly welcomed after making my first post.

Asking questions can be somewhat intimidating for complete beginners, but the people in this forum make the others feel totally comfortable with asking any question regardless of how simple the question may be.

For a relatively small forum it’s very active.  There are usually 20 to 30 people on there at any given time from what I’ve seen.

Go to The Chris Farrell Membership site

Is Chris’ System Easy?

The system is easy to understand, but it does require some time consuming work initially and ongoing.  So if you are the type of person that is willing to work hard to achieve success, provided you are told exactly what to do, then this program may be a good choice for you.

Chris, unlike others, starts at the very beginning and teaches you how to stay focused so you can build your business quickly.  He also has a special talent for explaining things in a way that’s easy for beginners and even the technically challenged to understand so they can take action.   And from what I’ve seen in the forums, they do.


I was extremely impressed by the detail in the Chris Farrell Membership.   The ability to watch Chris show you how he uses proven affiliate marketing tactics in video tutorials is a great advantage over learning from ebooks alone.  I believe that for newbies to intermediate Internet marketers it’s the most complete and easy to understand course that I’ve seen.

If you’ve been struggling to make money online I believe this training will tie it all together for you so you can stop spinning your wheels.  Just take action on what Chris teaches and you should soon have a profitable online business up an running.

The ongoing video training lessons and coaching by Chris and his Jeff in the forum are in my opinion, worth several times the monthly membership fee.  Try it now while Chris still has the $1.00, 7 day trial membership going on.

Click here for the $1.00 deal

Chris Farrell Membership Review





49 Responses to “Chris Farrell Membership Review”

  • Gary:

    I can’t say I’ve joined yet, so my opinion is slightly under-powered. What I did do was listen and watch the entire video presentation of the nuts and bolts of building an online business and I was totally blown away with the simplicity and clarity of it.

    I can’t say I have ever seen or heard anyone actually explain what it is you have to actually do in order to get going.

    It is almost unbelievable when you think about it. How many sites are out there professing to tell you everything, but actually don’t get into much of any of the fundamentals?

    I am impressed and will probably join up very soon.


    • admin:


      When you join, don’t only learn from what Chris says, watch very closely what he does and how he treats people. I’ve learned so much by doing this and it has added to my success and bottom line.

      John P

  • Victor:

    I just learned of Chris Farrell the other day and I have watched the first two modules of his FREE 26 video course on how to start a web business from scratch which a lot of gurus do not do.

    I am about to watch module 3 now and I am really considering joining his membership site. This review was very, very good, and I can tell that it is genuine.

    I do think that I may join real soon though.

  • Neil:

    Im a member of Chris Farrell Membership and what can i say apart from What an AMAZING Guy.

    The Content on his Membership Website is out of this World. I wish I had found Chris six months ago. Chris Farrell Membership is a must if you are thinking or wanting to start your own Online Business

  • Great stuff,very clever genuine guy! although not a full member yet I have included Chris on my blog and following his approach.
    There are a lot of scammers on this net and I for one have been scammed,
    and wished I found this guy earlier. We live and learn.

  • Roseamarie Franklin:

    I can wholly recommend Chris Farrell and only wish I had found his site sooner – it would have saved me hours of frustration! So much information all explained in an easy and understandable fashion, and a free newletter you can sign up for.
    A real genuine guy!

  • a smith:

    How do I check Chris Farrell out with the Better Business Bureau. I need his business name, zip code, if he’s a member in good standing, etc. To see if he’s as wonderful as he appears.


    • John P:

      You can try his membership for $4.95. Instead of relying on what anyone says why not just try it out for yourself and see what you think first hand. It’s the best way because no matter how great others think he is his training may not necessarily be right for you.

      John P

  • I hear many good things about Chris Farrell’s membership site. He gets great reviews on IMreportcard. He must be doing something right. Also like your blog.

  • I have used Chris Farrell Membership and must say it has helped me a lot!

  • maria:

    what do you do for chris farrell membership do you sale products ? ive been wantin to sighn up but not really sure if he’ll just show you how to setup a website or does he also give you products to sale? please help!

    • John P:

      Chris teaches you how to build an Internet marketing business from the ground up. He goes heavily into the basics which is what most people need. He also shows you how he did it so you can copy his success.

      His videos really show you how to do all of the technical stuff step by step and there are videos for just about everything. You can be an affiliate and sell his products if you want or sell your own. If you have any questions while learning (and you will) you can get them answered in his forum.

  • I just ran across Chris’s site last nite. I am such a newbie but I have
    watched all the modules and am so excited. I can’t wait to join.


  • John P:

    Here is an update to the above Chris Farrell Membership Review.

    Chris just added a new Facebook Traffic course to his membership site. It’s all about getting free traffic from Facebook. He is currently getting about 11,000 visitors per month to his site and he claims that Facebook is now his biggest traffic source.

    You can see a new video about his Facebook course here.

  • We have read your review of the Chris Farrell membership which we joined at the end of September 2009 because of his free unlimited web hosting, his many short but easy to understand training videos and his style which is so refreshing when compared to so many others more interested in taking our money than helping.

    Before we joined we spent a small fortune and wasted many years getting nowhere but today at last we are making steady progress although things take a bit longer for me to sink in maybe due to not being as young as I was anymore?

    However, we are now able to create websites, uploaded with the current date, videos and images correctly downsized and everything in its project folder so when we upload to his free web hosting, it all looks as it should. This is something I didn’t have a clue about before we joined as many other aspects of online business.

    To anyone hesitating; don’t, because Chris Farrell has been voted the #1 Internet service in an independent online poll on IM Report Card for 2009,2010 and we are sure will be again in 2011?

    An excellent review which we totally agree with.

    Stephen & Jenifer

    Watford, Hertfordshire, UK.

    • David:

      As a similarly aged Brit (though living in Princeton, USA), but needing money and facing the dismal prospect of slowly down a bit, I am looking for opportunities on the web. Problem is I am not really a business man though pretty nifty with computers – as a photographer (see my website I may be a little too artistic to make Chris Farell’s programme work .. yet I have looked at lots of others and this one really seems to be the best.

      Could you possibly be kind enough to give me an honest opinion? Has it worked for you?
      Many thanks in anticipation,
      David Newton-Dunn

      • John P:

        Hi David,

        Let me just start by saying that there is no program that will work for everyone. The Chris Farrell Membership did work for me and absolutely, with out a doubt, helped me make much more money in my business. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on all types of courses and coaching and never got very much out of them. Chris’ course helped me where I needed it most, changing my mindset.

        Without the proper mindset you will fail just like 93% to 95% of all other would be Internet marketers. Once I developed the proper mindset the other information in the membership filled in a lot of the holes in my knowledge. I have since gone on to develop and the WordPress Crash Course and I also successfully promote a variety of affiliate products.

        Now to be totally honest, just because I became successful and Chris became extremely successful it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will or others who join his membership will. It will depend on (this part is VERY IMPORTANT) your ability to FOCUS on one thing, take action on what you learn, and if you have a burning desire to succeed.

        John P

        • Max Antunovic:

          Hi I have not yet joined Chris Farrell’s program but finding these comments very helpfull. I for one is like some I’ve read, getting past it age wise and mind wise, but unfortunately still working and finding it very tough, so the prospect of getting that IM business up and running is still strongly in-bedded in my mind. I will be joining very soon if not today, can any one tell me please what is the total cost to set up, from start to earning money? I don’t like a lot of these programs where they say it will cost X amount then once joined, there is an upgrade and then a monthly as well, I then lose trust in the program as well as the person promoting it.
          If someone can help me there, it will be much appreciated.

          • John P:

            You can really get started for under $100. This will pay for your hosting, autoresopnder (to build your list) and training from Chris Farrell Membership. As time goes on, like with any other business, you will need to invest in some more things, but hopefully by then you’ll be making money and you can reinvest your profits.

    • Ione:

      What are you selling exactly?
      I get that the info is terrific and his explanations great but WHAT do you sell on line to make your money????

      • John P:

        Hi Ione,

        You have two choices, you can sell your own products or other people’s products as an affiliate. What you sell really depends on you. If you have some area of expertise you can create your own info product, for example, I’m good at WordPress so I created a product that teaches people how to use WordPress.

        If you are not an expert at anything and you don’t have any special skills you should sell other peoples products, which I also do.

        To keep it simple Chris will teach you how to create an offer, drive traffic to that offer and convert that traffic into buyers. If you sign up for the Chris Farrell membership focus only on that and don’t buy or look for anything else. FOCUS and do what Chris shows you and you will be successful.

  • Carol:

    Hi John,

    Great reviews ! I googled Chris Farrell reviews and there you are on the top list, i hope you don’t mind me asking.

    I’m thinking to join Chris Farrell’s membership but i have only 2 hours a day free time, I am a working mom and really desperate to stay home to take care of my son…do you think i can manage to learn and run an online business? Thank you so much for reading my message.
    All the best.


    • John P:

      Hi Carol,

      Two hours per day is plenty provided that you do what is important during those two hours. For example, if you spend 30 minutes per day “learning” and one and one half hours “doing” you’ll make great progress. Unfortunately, what most people do is spend 99% of their time learning and only 1% (if that) actually doing anything that will result in income. Another thing that is very important to do is make a commitment.

      Focus on one thing, one business model and stick to it. Tell yourself for the next four months you will not be distracted by any other program no matter how “fast and easy” it seems. The things that I’ve just told you are not easy, but if you can do them your chances of online success are hundreds of times greater than the average person.

      • Carol:

        Hi John,

        Thank you so much for the fast reply, appreciated :)
        I will definitely join Chris Farrell’s membership real soon. I’ve read reviews a lot about him already and they’re all nothing but great and positive reviews.

        Thank you for the good advise :)
        More success to you !


  • chrystal griffith:

    Hi my name is chrystal griffith and i was thinking of joining chris farrel’s website. i had a business before and it failed cause i couldnt get traffic to my website. im kind of nervous about joining.

    • John P:

      Hi Chrystal,

      Getting qualified traffic to a site can be one of the most difficult elements of Internet marketing; however, after if you just learn how to drive traffic then convert that traffic into sales then the sky is the limit.

      Chris teaches you several traffic generation and conversion methods in the membership. His newest traffic course focuses on Facebook and it’s pretty powerful. I suggest taking the 7 day trial of the membership for $4.95. This will give you the opportunity to see if Chris’ teaching style matches your learning style.

  • Hi John, thanks for this post of your honest review with Chris Farrell Memberships. I’ve been seeing him at IMReportcard being voted #1 internet marketing services and reading some of the positive reviews online. And nothing I can see on the review we’re negative. It was all positive reviews to all of them, I’m thinking about to join because I have been into blogging and promoting products longer than him that he just started late Feb. 2008 and he is so successful already. Maybe he can help me out about my business website to gain more traffic and subscribers to it. What do you think my friend?

    Julius O.

    • John P:

      Hey Julius,

      I think you’ll find the membership very helpful. It’s not just for newbies. Chris is always adding new training based on what he is currently learning.

  • I know Chris shows you how to set up a website. What if I already have a website? Is there a way that I can make my website really stand out?

    • John P:


      Sure, there are lots of things that you can do to make your site stand out such as adding video which Chris shows you how to do. You can also get someone to do some graphic work for you very inexpensively. Once you have your site looking the way you want it the two most important things you can focus on is traffic and conversions.

  • Jackie:

    Hi John,

    I’m in the army stationed here in Ft. Knox, KY and also a newbee to Internet Marketing. I just started on Anthony Morrison’s “Advertising Profits from Home” and I was wondering if you could help me out and tell me if its a scam or not. Recently, a buddy of mine introduced me to Chris Farrell’s Online Business. I checked it out and already, I wanted to switch over. I just wasn’t really sure yet either, a little skeptical so I decided to ask u for advice. Anyways, thank you for reading my message and appreciate your help.

    • John P:

      Hi Jackie,

      I’d really like to help you make the right choice for you, but unfortunately, I’m not familiar with “Advertising Profits from Home”. I did a quick search and what I found wasn’t favorable. Of course, no program is right for everyone just like no specific diet is right for everyone, but if you search the net and forums you’ll find that the Chris Farrell Membership has more happy customers than any other program out there, at least, that I know of.

  • Jackie:

    Hey John,

    I really appreciated your help. I am now switching over to Chris’s web business to try it out n see for myself. Thank you again God Bless!

  • Xu Wang:

    wa! so many positive comments! I want try it to see what will happen!

  • Hi John

    I really thank Chris Farrell Membership site and his life turing coaching,I enjoyed your presentations videos and other stuffs.As matter of fact i recomended any person that desire success,just look out for Chris Farrell, he is the right guy! I call him life-builder.

    From starting, i was little skeptical cos of many timewasters on internet nowadays,until i realized that Chris is “One Among Equals”

    Pls there is problem here! i am yet to joined, since i wanted to join membership site,i have problem my location can be found in the ClickBank infor,so it can not be approved.What do i do now?


  • Jesse Gali:

    Hi John,

    I would just like to get your opinion regarding my plan to include 3 different kind niche on one website. The primary niche is Internet Marketing but I would like to include Gaming and Health Issues. I have not seen a website with this kind of format. Just want to know your opinion about it.


  • Carol K.:

    Hi John!

    I’m so grateful for all the info. Thanks a whole bunch!

    I have a Mac and I love it. However, I’m concerned that Chris’ instructs. may not be compatible.

    • John P:

      Hi Carol,
      You won’t have any problem following what Chris teaches. Don’t let the Mac hold you back! LOL In other words don’t let the type of computer that you use (or anything) stop you from learning how to become successful online.

  • Carol K.:

    Back with you, John.

    I’ll figure it out as I go and can always ask them for help.


    Take care!

  • Joe:

    Hi John, I have been trying myself to get registered and becoming a member. Anytime i click on the link to get to clickbank for payment, i get an error message (Unable to connect).
    How do i get in? I have been reading about Chris for sometime now and i would like to join.

    Thank you. Stay Blessed

    • John P:

      Hi Joe,

      I just checked the links and everything seems to be working properly now. Just click the “Click here for the $4.95 deal” link above then click the yellow “Get Started Today” link on Chris’ site. If it doesn’t work contact Chris’ support desk.

  • Jessi:

    It seems very intresting and after watching all the free videos, I am considering to join

  • Catherine:

    I have read EVERYTHING that would let me in without joining *grin* and I am itching to get going! I’ve realised there’s one thing that no-one else has mentioned (that I have seen anyway) which adds kudos for Chris as far as I’m concerned….maybe its me with my colonial roots? But…. he is English!!!! And I mean his ACCENT is English. I don’t know about anyone else, not being from the USA, but I do find the American accent difficult to listen to at times, and I feel ‘at home’ and welcomed by Chris. Fan…tastic! Will see you shortly.

  • Great site you have and yes Chris is one of the best teachers I have found. Chris Farrell Membership is recommended to anyone interested in making money from home.

  • Dennis:

    I started watching the video’s last night which was July 4th 2012 at approximatly 11pm M.S.T.
    I watched (every video) and finished at about 8am that next morning.
    I cant believe,, how Chris made this so easy and his “Step by Step” tutorials are AMAZZZINGGG!!!!
    I am not skeptical anymore!!!!
    i have been laid off work 2 weeks ago and i am currently waiting for the Un Employment to “Kick-In” to get some bills paid. and i am staying POSITIVE that once i can afford to pay for my hosting and Domain i shall be on my way to financial freedom with Chris Farwell by my side.

    Thank you Chris,
    for making my hopes and dreams soon,,,
    to become “REALITY”

  • Hello there,

    I have a domain name and hosting, but am a novice in web design so I’ve not gotten round to developing one yet. For now, I can’t afford to pay a web developer to create one fore me. Anyone with any tips?


  • Thanks for the intelligent review John.
    I’m 57 and need to build my own pension.
    So for me making money online is not a game and I have learned a ton in 6 years by working really really hard…but in a very scattered way which has been frustrating as hell.
    Yes I’ve made many emails with money in them but I’m not at all happy with the methods I’ve used since they do not seem to draw good people in so I can give proper value and truly help folks like myself.
    I may be too honest to be a good marketer online…lol
    Believe it or not I just came across Chris’s site after 6 years being online very often.
    Which is how I ended up here.
    From what I see so far since I know much more than most this looks like a great place to reset for me and start fresh in order to build my pension.
    The Guru money games I’ve been through with you must buy all our “stuff”
    garbage I’ve seen has really turned me off.
    Not enough to quit since I’ve seen too many folks make their extra 500-1000 and far beyond on a steady bases so I know it’s me that must fix how I am doing things.
    Thanks again and I’ll be seeing you shortly on Chris’s site as I’ve decided to use this.

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